Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Success of Hoboken and NJ Business Owners and Their Brand Stories

It took a while to get this blog up and going. Boy, it's been a busy few weeks, but this I HAD to share. In our 2nd showing of the best of marketing and branding in our local digs, EB & A came together with The Hudson Reporter, Ganache Cafe and PNC Bank to talk "Brand Stories", a.k.a, B.S. (that's only if you want to abbreviate it.)

The results, you ask?
40 inspired and motivated business owners. Comments were positive and uplifting and once again, we see the value that marketing and brand equity and what they mean to our business and our prospects.

Thank you to everyone involved, to Dave and Cory at the Turtle Club, Larry at Full House Printing, Danielle at Renaissance Pilates, Sherry Sexton at the T Shirt to Prove It (Yes, we're published in her book.) and to my intern Carly Wilden for your support, collaboration and interest in building a smarter, sassier marketing community where we reside.

Rock on.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

EB & A Launches Marketing Talk-One Week Later

The Buzz is starting... literally. We have several RSVP's for our EB & A Marketing talk at the Turtle Club so far and we're looking forward to more. The original date was set for the 15th of September, but we have special guests that will be joining us on Sept. 22nd so please join us if you can...

See you there!

RSVP to:

ICON Dance Complex is Live Baby

There are many times in which I do backflips in the office or do the happy dance around our desks. Today is one of those days. As part of the EB & A marketing package, web design is an offering that we take seriously. We believe in quality and we pride ourselves on working closely with DESERVING clients. The relationships we build during the process of building a website or any project is respected. I cannot express how thankful I am to be at the helm of the NEW ICON Dance Complex website project and I am pleased and honored to work alongside of the ICONs, GEO and Beth.

I want to thank my team at EB & A for working with me on this beautiful project. We stand for quality and customer service. Thank you for being amazing and congratulations to ICON Dance Complex and their audience base.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

gendance publishes its 100th Issue

On September 30th, our email magazine will celebrate its 100th issue. gendance-THE NEXT GENERATION OF DANCE NEWS, TRENDS AND MEDIA! But, wait... there's more. That tagline will soon change, new announcements will be made and surprises are in store for readers and advertisers/sponsors. It's go time. This email magazine will celebrate ALL MONTH LONG with September Exclusives going on everywhere. Don't miss us at the Act Outside the Box event in NYC on September 2nd. (gendance thursday) at B Smiths from 6-9pm. We have built the most sought after email magazine model that even the biggest publishers in dance cannot compare to. That's the power of being a small biz. Smart, savvy and on top of your game sometimes yields greater results than too big and not connected. Special thanks to my team that fuels my game. I am appreciative of your support for 100 issues. Cheers!

The EB & A Marketing Talk-September 15th

We look forward to YOUR RSVP soon. (Reserve by Sept. 8th). Our marketing talk in June was a complete success with innovation, collaboration and over 40 smart and driven business owners under one roof. This time, we go again, with even more networking and marketing fun at The Turtle Club on Park Ave.

Sept. 15th 2010
The EB & A Marketing Series Continues
4pm SHARP-5pm
@Turtle Club
936 Park Ave, Hoboken, NJ
**Enjoy a complimentary drink upon arrival

Sponsors include Full House Printing, Renaissance Pilates, Ganache Cafe, PNC Pank, The Hudson Reporter, PNC Bank, the T Shirt to Prove It and more surprises.

We'll be building this event's content along the promotion of personalized brand stories-with an emphasis on the story of the tortoise and the haire (due to our locale at the Turtle Club.) It's all strategy, baby.

We'll see you there. More information can be found at, and you can find our press release and ads in the Hudson Reporter papers as well as via our sponsors locations.

Call for details and RSVP by September 8th. We promise excitement and lots of new ideas.

See you there,


TEDxGotham-The Inaugural Event

Look forward to October 15th. Read on for details...

Over the course of this year, I have had the honor of being inducted to work with a stellar group of individuals such as Edward, Melek, Ayesha, Todd, Marc, Liz and many others that represent the new TEDxGotham brand. One of the first tasks for us was to successfully position the brand with a statement that we could use in all marketing materials: "TEDxGotham brings together New York City's brightest innovators and thought leaders at an annual event to share stories and create lasting connections."

Next, we launched the web, and now we're building sponsorships, networking and growing the marketing message to the point where we'll bask in the success of  400 seated attendees, nearly 15 imperial speakers and a creative collaborative success. Please visit today and learn about our event on October 15th this year. You may want to invest your business and creative mind towards something new this year and I highly recommend that you do. Call me with questions, I am one of the chairs of strategic marketing and sponsorships. 201.217.6608. And if you're not familiar with the power, the indulgence of intelligence or greatness of the TED brand, you need to fill yourself in. Get empowered NOW:

ICON Dance Complex Web Re-Launch

Get ready for over 40 pages of ICONic goodness; all packed and loaded for their NEW re-launch on September 7th (the day after Labor Day). Each URL link is being finalized, prepped, dusted off, vacuumed, hugged, kissed, washed and set to dry and sparkle for their debut to an audience in the thousands. This project is one of EB & A's most proud websites because the client, ICON, is ready to be ICONic. They were ready for change and new; and thus gave us room to surge the creativity. We are very proud that ICON will soon be able to update their site from every page (all CMS) and with so much going on, they're going to have a much easier way of making their mark online all year long. If your'e a corporation reading this, click to their new bookings page to see how you can make your next event ICONic. If you're a colleague, bask in their creativity and congratulate GEO and Beth on their incredible, thriving business. If you're an artist, send in a drawing for the new annual St. Jude Children's Research Hospital fundraiser we created. (Yes, the hospital that Danny Thomas started.) Congrats. The re-launch happens Tuesday, September 7th. You can thus visit to see the new.