Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ICON Dance Complex Web Re-Launch

Get ready for over 40 pages of ICONic goodness; all packed and loaded for their NEW re-launch on September 7th (the day after Labor Day). Each URL link is being finalized, prepped, dusted off, vacuumed, hugged, kissed, washed and set to dry and sparkle for their debut to an audience in the thousands. This project is one of EB & A's most proud websites because the client, ICON, is ready to be ICONic. They were ready for change and new; and thus gave us room to surge the creativity. We are very proud that ICON will soon be able to update their site from every page (all CMS) and with so much going on, they're going to have a much easier way of making their mark online all year long. If your'e a corporation reading this, click to their new bookings page to see how you can make your next event ICONic. If you're a colleague, bask in their creativity and congratulate GEO and Beth on their incredible, thriving business. If you're an artist, send in a drawing for the new annual St. Jude Children's Research Hospital fundraiser we created. (Yes, the hospital that Danny Thomas started.) Congrats. The re-launch happens Tuesday, September 7th. You can thus visit www.icondancecomplex.com to see the new.

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