Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TEDxGotham-The Inaugural Event

Look forward to October 15th. Read on for details...

Over the course of this year, I have had the honor of being inducted to work with a stellar group of individuals such as Edward, Melek, Ayesha, Todd, Marc, Liz and many others that represent the new TEDxGotham brand. One of the first tasks for us was to successfully position the brand with a statement that we could use in all marketing materials: "TEDxGotham brings together New York City's brightest innovators and thought leaders at an annual event to share stories and create lasting connections."

Next, we launched the web, www.TEDxGotham.org and now we're building sponsorships, networking and growing the marketing message to the point where we'll bask in the success of  400 seated attendees, nearly 15 imperial speakers and a creative collaborative success. Please visit www.TEDxGotham.org today and learn about our event on October 15th this year. You may want to invest your business and creative mind towards something new this year and I highly recommend that you do. Call me with questions, I am one of the chairs of strategic marketing and sponsorships. 201.217.6608. And if you're not familiar with the power, the indulgence of intelligence or greatness of the TED brand, you need to fill yourself in. Get empowered NOW: www.TED.com.

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