Monday, August 23, 2010

Aubrey Lynch Gets His Wings

We are pleased to align our brand ideas with Aubrey Lynch. We've known him for quite some time and we covered him in our email magazine, but when we got the call for consultation to build his brand we were thrilled. Over the last several months, Aubrey has auditioned for Oprah's tv show contest and he received thousands of votes. Keep an eye out for this star and special thanks to him- as he has graced us with the kind testimonial below. THANK YOU AUBREY. We're ready to see you in the spotlight.

"I came to EB & Associates because I felt a bit lost in all my ideas. I wasn't sure how to make the next move. EB & Associates took my ideas, found the through line and gave me exactly what I needed. I am on my way. they feel like your best friend who happens to be a brilliant strategic marketer. Elizabeth pushes hard while guiding you with the love and understanding of a family member. She gets it fast and gives you the kick you need. I am thrilled to work with EB & Associates and I'm excited about the possibilities that now lay before me. For good ideas, love, support, inspiration, and a kick, check them out. Be ready to leap!"-Aubrey Lynch

1 comment:

Aubrey said...

Thanks again Elizabeth. You are an inspiration! Aubrey