Thursday, July 1, 2010

Marketing in Hoboken... CHECK!

With the rise of our business entering its 5th year, we have cut the ribbon towards the town of Hoboken in which we reside and work. On June 23rd, we hosted our very first Coffee Talk at Ganache Cafe with sponsors, speakers and over 40 guests. The momentum that we created has been building at our office and lots of creative ideas are flowing. Meetings with new clients, followed by new plans for businesses in town and our first ever Rotary Club visit is in session. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Seth Stewart, Whitney from Toni and Guy, The girls from Ganache, Mr. Armando from Sparrow, Vito... you know where he's from and to Dave Unger and his sales staff at The Hudson Reporter. There's never a time to rest when you're an entrepreneur. The ideas continuously flow. Thanks to our newfound business colleagues in Hoboken, we're pleased to develop the best of our campaigns for the town we love and for the businesses we love to SHOP WITH.

Thank you,


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