Thursday, July 1, 2010

From our Whiteboard to the Presses

Yesterday, we were pleased to launch a NEW Campaign that we've been dying to announce for the past several weeks. It was so hard to keep the excitement within the confounds of our office. So yesterday was a big day for us, but even bigger for client, DancePlug and their spokespersons, The Beat Freaks. The campaign, Spark Your Career, is leading off with a stellar video that explains the contest for the summer. Strategically aligned with sponsors that will bring the campaign to new audiences, Spark Your Career is set to educate and inspire the dance community around the world showcasing a free way for artists to put their resume together on something that costs WAY less (yes free) than a website. is the new vision of the future and we're more than pleased to have been a part of their rebranding efforts and the creators of the Campaign, Spark Your Career. It was also a blast to get to LA to see the video and photoshoot in action. Thanks to all involved. I'm looking forward to the success of the campaign. Watch the video here.

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Amber Moelter said...

Amazing! Congrats on the new contest, fantastic video!