Monday, June 21, 2010

We boast about our clients... and they boast right back

The advantages of small business are bountiful, but when it comes to a personal testimonial that you can feel proud of because you changed the way they saw their business and are now making leaps and bounds to strive forward in a new light, there is unmeasurable appreciation. Special Thanks to Amber Moelter, who took the time to write in about our power session and how it positively affected her way of branding ALM Talkies.

I have been in contact with Elizabeth Barry & Associates for about a year now and little did I know that it would result in such a fantastic relationship.  It all came together organically, which is my favorite way of working.  I contacted Elizabeth Barry after learning about her weekly newsletter gendance, which I knew I wanted to be a part of because it was cutting edge performing arts news, and with dance and music in my feature film "Dirty Step Upstage" I wanted exposure to her audience.  Several months and several gendance profiles later I produced a very successful iPod contest video in association with gendance and thus our relationship flourished.

After seeing what EB&A has done for other small businesses, I brought them onboard with the hope that it would clarify my professional goals and help me expand my independent media production company ALM Talkies into the go-to brand for edgy, yet economical video production needs. It's almost alarming how much transformation my company has experienced simply with their 5 hour power session. 

Elizabeth Barry sat down with me and evaluated my website and company mission statement against my desires for the future of the company. She targeted discrepancies between what I was presenting and what I wanted in a remarkably straight-forward fashion.  Truth be told, I was amazed how painless the whole process was. Before our sessions together, I was having trouble balancing my needs between projecting my website in a professional direction and supporting the international fanbase I have garnered from my background as a performer.

I had everything backwards.  Of course I needed to clarify my business needs before I could redesign my web presence.  Over those 5 hours EB&A refined the pages of notes I supplied - simplifying my life! My team was too close to see what Elizabeth Barry's objective eye could and I will be forever grateful for the resolve I feel in moving forward with my website and company, ALM Talkies.

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