Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dance Has Met Baseball-Its Official. Do the Wave.

The stands of baseball will never be the same. In addition to the "wave" you might see some popping, locking and boogie-in on down from fans in the crowd. That's because Lou Jacobs CEO of Statewide Pro, a consultant for Pro sports teams, has created one of the biggest and most influential ideas. To bring baseball to dance. And if you didn't think fans would be into it, think again. Currently, on the local/regional level, the Trenton Thunder and Lakewood Blue Claws, but more importantly linked with the affiliate organization of the Yankees and Phillis, groups of dancers have begun to dance before the fireworks at special games. Teams get four dance performances per season and some may last through the playoffs for extra cheering. The press release was announced at EB & A yesterday to highlight client ICON Dance Complex and its co-founder, Beth Hubela who has been deemed one of the most appropriate choreographers to help out in this historic mission.

Check out the press release here and welcome dance to baseball. (Hey, they do it in the 7th inning stretch at the Yankees games with the YMCA?!)

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