Thursday, July 8, 2010

EB & A and gendance hittin' up the Gaga Ooh La La

EB & A's gendance email mag drove its vette to the shores of Atlantic City NJ this Fourth of July to hit it up with a bang! No, we were not sitting at the machines banging on the opportunity to get the triple blazing sevens, we were at the Lady Gaga Concert. The full story can be found in Thursday, July 8th's edition of gendance, but today we wanted to give you the news that not only does gendance benefit with the press story, but EB & A clients do as well.

What we learned at Gaga (and from her, besides the fact that she totally kicked Obama's ___ in Facebook fans, as well as Starbucks and the new Twilight) is that this girl is a marketing machine. It's natural for her team to emotionally connect with her fans.

This Madonna-eque dancer/singer is 100X pie of a performer. She got up on stage and laser targeted her messaging to the gay and lesbian community positing an enormous roar. CHECK. (spoke directly to my big fans in that demo). She also took the liberty of creatively naming her fans "little monsters". CHECK (creating that almost personal emotional connection with buyers). Yes, we do the same thing calling our gendance audience gendancers and GFF's which we take great pride that we're alike to Gaga's mastery in marketing, but there were so many tid bits that we picked up that we'll be hailing towards our clientele. Are you a client? If you are, get ready for some sprinkled Gaga magic on your marketing campaign this week, because we're super charged. If you're not an EB & A client yet, what are you waiting for. Cutting edge and real objective points of view are so 2010. And that's what we'ra ra ra ra about.

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