Friday, April 23, 2010

We're Motivated... are you?!

This week, we had a lot to celebrate, but one thing that we'd like to make known in our celebrations of dancing around the office is the little known fact that "personal phone calls to say thank you" are alive and well. Yesterday was Earth Day. We righteously revealed creative ways to celebrate the day in gendance with mentions to our legend and lost idol, Michael Jackson and his gifted videos about saving the world, and a story about the eco-friendly products from a brand we met at the Go Green Expo last month. The company is called Motivators and we found their recent email blast as a smart reminder to tell our audience of over 20,000 about their way-eco-cool pens, seed paper business cards and Elephant jotters. Click here for the story.

So, the amazing part was when we received a friendly call from Sarah this morning from the Motivators company. She personally called to thank us for the recognition and to us, that's beautiful and it's a reminder to say, "Pick up the phone". An email wasn't enough for her, so she called. Then, she wrote up this amazing article after viewing our website and offerings and picked something sweet to write about on their blog. Check it out.

We feel so blessed to have made such a positive connection with Motivators and can't wait to start promoting their printing and product offerings to our loyal client base.

Eco-Friendly golf clap to you!

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Sarah said...


You're more than welcome for the phone call! It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning. We can't wait for you to start sharing our products and services with your clients either!

And any of your clients can swing on by to check out our product selection or say hi to us on Facebook or on Twitter!