Thursday, April 15, 2010

gendance, our email magazine, covered editorially in Seventeen Magazine's online sphere

Today, we celebrated a big win. We didn't really win anything except for the inner notion of knowing how to be persistent, how to make friends with publicists and colleagues and following through. We first worked with the Seventeen magazine group a year ago this April. Today represents a year's worth of kind, communicative emails that showed value from EB & A and what we stand for and with that... came our gendance mention on their site.

In fact, I prepared for this moment. When I got the call from the publicists for the Savvy/Jonas Group interview, I put aside questions "just" for Seventeen magazine" knowing that I would pitch to them. If it worked, it was a score, if not, I still had my interview for gendance.

In the end, it worked and they loved the creative pitch regarding where the young teens would be in five years and we have consistent traffic and new fans from a new base of clientele to the very product that we care so deeply about and publish every week-gendance.

Thank you Julie Miller and Julie Hochheiser for seeing opportunity in our relationship.

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