Monday, April 12, 2010

Tonight's Panel at the Joyce Soho, FREE Dance Advice

Tonight, Elizabeth Barry will be part of the panel called "Solutions for Sustainable Dance Writing". Moderated by Marc Kirschner, General Manager, TenduTV. The panel will include: Tonya Plank (Swan Lake Samba Girl), Robert Johnson (Newark Star-Ledger & Dance Critics Association), Jaki Levy (Arrowroot Media), Elizabeth Barry (Gendance, EB & Associates) and Brian McCormick (, The New School, Bessies Committee).

Over the last few years, the number of opportunities available to dance writers has declined sharply, as newspaper ad revenue from dance and other arts organizations has all but vanished. As a result, fewer and fewer voices - writers and choreographers alike, have the opportunity to make themselves heard. While new media gives everyone the opportunity to enter the discussion, how can writers establish personal branding when they can no longer benefit from the credibility of a newspaper banner?

The purpose of this town hall is to discuss strategies and ideas designed to increase paid writing opportunities for established and emerging dance critics and writers, while empowering audiences to discover to the broadest possible spectrum of dance art. This town hall also serves as a follow-up to the issues raised in Movement Research's September panel "Towards and Adjudication Model For Dance Criticism (

We look forward to this discussion to provide ideas and inspiration to the niche market where we base our hearts and our career.

Congratulations to Mark Kirschner on this opportunity to showcase his expertise, in addition to the rest of the panel team.

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