Friday, April 23, 2010

Geo Hubela Brings his "Be ICONic" Motto to thousands

Yesterday, we were so proud to launch the NEW Geo Hubela is an innovator, it's only right that he shares his talent and schedule with the world that wants to follow his every move (literally and figuratively) His fans re-create his choreography-even at the young age of 5 or 6, these kids can really move. And for the students that learn from him at competitions and conventions, he needed a path, an online vehicle to keep inspiring them after the event weekends. So we re-created a cost effective, inspirational model for Geo to share his talents with the thousands of fans that he gathers every day... and we got to call Cris Judd on his cell phone too, which was cool.

Congratulations GEO, we're proud to work with you and bring your work to the forefront. It is much deserved. For the full story click here.

Like his logo? Want one like it? Call us, 201-217-6608. ;)

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