Monday, April 26, 2010

Mad Props to My Mentors...

Tonight, I'm giving rise to my former employer Barbara Pogorelc, owner of Crystal Pineapple in Cape Cod, where I worked for a good amount of time. If you didn't know this, I got my start in the career world after leaving UMASS, Amherst (4.0 of course) and then fleeing to Cape Cod. (Hey, I was 21 and in love.) I began my career in publishing at Cape Cod Life Publications. Advertising Coordinator, Sales rep, marketing coordinator and soon after 3 years, I knew how to do it all in the magazine world. So, I left and began working for Barbara. After a day behind the register, she KNEW I wasn't meant for that job, so they bumped me up within hours to to their Marketing position and I began an ebay store for them (when it was new and very popular) and designed ads for mags, newspapers and more. What a treat it was to work for Barbara and Bob on the Cape.

To date, I still visit them in the Cape and in Florida at their new digs. Barbara recently started a new blog in which she gave rise to me... well, right back at you, mentor. I love you, respect you and thank you for your wisdom.

See you soon. Keep the pool warm! Check out her blog here.

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