Monday, April 26, 2010

My Brand is Better Than Yours... Taped and Launching Soon

Last weekend, I gathered my team of film experts to embark on a new venture for EB & A and our growth this year. This project is something I've had on my mind for about a year now. (Inspired by watching Seth Godin on Ted Talks and perhaps the Wine founder.) I wanted to share my insight and client experiences and success stories to help business owners realize that "change" into the next generation CAN BE fun, it can be easy and they can get help in making new projects work for their benefit.

EB & A will launch My Brand is Better Than Yours in early May, along with our new email newsletter and announcement of our web re-launch to clientele. The progress that we've made in five years in helping brands reinvent themselves and assisting new brands to launch is powerful. We'd like to share our young energy with the small to mid size business owners in our circle... the ideas that help us help clients make it to the top.

We've already started a Facebook group for the brand and will be incorporating clever tactics to see its growth. The purpose is to inspire. Larger brands should take notes. A good healthy brand is something that's new and keeps changing with the times.

Special Thanks to Amber and Bill. They even included us in their last email newsletter, shown here.

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