Monday, April 26, 2010

Congratulations to R.Evolucion Latina

Tonight, I sat amongst the "fabulous" at the Minskoff Theatre where the BEST of Broadway came together for the BC/EFA East Bonnet Competition. I am so proud of long time, client, R.Evolucion Latina for taking the stage tonight with Bombayo, Andrea Sousa, students and activists. The new CD we're producing is going to have such a profound effect. (If you notice... the ending song to the event was an inspirational one? I think we're on the right track, gang!)

Special congrats to the Billy Elliot cast with whom I thought had the best bonnet in a humbling piece designed for the mining disaster.

Muchos besos to mis amores, R.Evolucion Latina!! Dare to Go BEYOND.

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