Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yes, That's Paula Abdul

Straight Up Now... EB & A and gendance hit the Hollywood scene this June to visit with clients, Gregg Russell, DancePlug, our friends from the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait and to relax with buddy Michelline Coonrod from Pointe Work Designs. We also had a blast with Jim Keith discussing his new agency, The Movement, and we quote: "Elizabeth, since you ran my article in gendance about The Movement, I've signed 10 new clients including big names, thank you." We were more than honored to hear that the results of our email magazine which is by far leading the way in the dance niche right now, is making strides for editorial as well as advertisers.

We love our LA trips and were sad to come home, especially after a fabulous affair at Level 3 in Hollywood for Gina Starbuck's Art 4 Life where we got to hang with friends including Benjamin Allen from the Dance Dish. Course we made our rounds with Paula Abdul with another client, which whom we adore, Drew Phillip from Celebrity.

Soon, we yearn for a bi-coastal life. This LA/NY thing is getting way too good. Congratulations to Gina Starbuck and her talented performers from this year's Art4Life.

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