Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kenny Ortega and the Astaire Awards are SO NEWSworthy

I'm not sure what's better... just being able to be in the presence of the Astaire family and Kenny Ortega or being there and representing the elite choreographer that was the "hit" of the night. I'm sure its the later. Last night EB & A and gendance took the stage at the prestigious Astaire Awards to await the performances, awards and stellar choreo and dancers that would tread the Marley. Although we are partial, our client, GEO Hubela, of ICON Dance Complex won the hearts of the audience with his "surprise" performance for Kenny Ortega (yes, they're good friends) when he created a "Newsies" piece mixed with traditional Broadway and hip hop. Kids merely in 4th grade along with GEO's ICONic crew from Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew were the evening's most rewarding gift of energy. Thank goodness for seeing good friends as well such as Melanie LaPatin and Karine Plantadit and hail to GEO for his ICONic gift last night.

I am so proud to be at the helm of EB & A when I experience the love of my work like I did last night.

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