Thursday, February 18, 2010

Need Inspiration for Your Social Networks?

With all the meaningless updates on Facebook or Twitter, you've gotta get creative in order to stand out and draw attention to your brand. Take an example from what we did for client Icon Dance Complex. We call it... the Icon Project.

"The ICON Project is a celebration of ICON dancers and family members. From the devoted company members who take weekly classes to the inspired students who travel to ICON for open classes, each dancer is a stunning example of ICON’s diversity and strength. The teenagers, the tweens, 20-somethings, the parents and teachers are a true representation of what it means to be ICONIC."

By asking Icon students, parents and faculty what it means to them to be a Icon and posting new photos and responses every week, we're creating an interactive environment while showcasing the Icon brand's personality. And isn't that what social networking is really all about?

Check out their Fan page. (Become a Fan while you're there too!)

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