Friday, February 19, 2010

National Dance Week, NYC Oh it's Comin!

(Shown Above are Kimberly and Katherine from Pilates on Fifth. They're just one of many new spokespeople and places we're hosting for this year's celebration. Other confirmed Front Runners are Karla Garcia and Daniel Gwirtzman... more to come!)

Mark your Calendars and set aside your life for National Dance Week NYC, 2K10.
June 5-14th is our time to shine.

You've heard of Spa Week (happening now, I think) and National Restaurant Week, but baby, they've got nuthin' on National Dance Week, NYC.

EB & A is the NEW proud marketing firm building the blocks to a fresh 2010. Keep an eye out on facebook for our new NDW NYC Front Runners and NDW NYC Borough Leaders. It's going to be a hit this year, and we've got so many more surprises in store. Check them out at and on facebook and coming soon, the coolest YouTube vids you're dyin' to get your eyes on.

Celebrate FREE dance and dance free too, National Dance Week, 2K10. It's a Comin!

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Spa Week Daily said...

Wishful thinking my dancing darling! Spa Week is April 12-18. But we get excited too. ;)