Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Work... oh it looks good from our view at the top

Being a full service marketing company says a lot and means a lot. It makes so much sense to streamline print, online, email marketing, posters, trade show designs, etc. into one place for clients to get an effective message. But it means so much more when you create a beautiful product so they can truly boast about it.

Today, I feel like boasting about our own work with competition, Celebrity Dance Competitions. We only work with Celebrity because they can be relied upon for our message of gendance to filter towards their audiences. This year, we created a new video, we have new posters and we have lucky 3rd party sponsors that will benefit from our gorgeous design and effective strategies for partnership marketing. Check out our ad above and tell us... cool right? Hurry to get your brand into the next generation. We don't advertise in print much, but we know you might be... and if you're spending less and less on print, at least make it look good~

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